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 Commitment to Compensation

Licensed Negotiated Agreement (2019-20)

  • The FINAL 2019-20 Teacher Salary Schedule is forthcoming, pending the outcome of a Truth-in-Taxation hearing scheduled for August 6, 2019, which may increase teacher salaries by $5,200 (base salary of $48,000) but no less than $2,200 (base salary of $45,000).
  • Salary level increases (previously "Steps")
  • Continuing Education Advancement (Previously "Lanes")
  • Two additional days will be added to the contract for planning and preparation
  • No insurance premium increase
  • Policy Revisions
    • A6NEG Negotiations - Licensed
    • DP330NEG - Bereavement Leave-Licensed
    • AA422NEG - School Advisory Council
    • DP327NEG - Reduction in Licensed Staff

Education Support Professionals Negotiated Agreement (2019-20)

  • 4.5% Increase (Cost of Living adjustment)
  • Step increases for classified staff
  • No insurance premium increase
  • Policy Revisions
    • DP343 NEG - Hours of Work Classified 
    • DP330B NEG - Bereavement Leave - Classified