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Process for Teachers Once Hired

What happens after I receive a job offer?
An Administrator will offer a position after receiving District approval. Once you have accepted the offer, the Administrator will need to submit required paperwork to Human Resources to process. Human Resources will be in contact with you by email to continue the hiring process.
What information does Human Resources need from me?

Human Resources will be requesting that you complete an online application. This application will ask you for basic information to start your personnel file.

Once you complete this application, we will send you another email requesting your confidential information. This includes your SSN, DOB and Marital Status.

You will receive a final email with instructions to complete your online new hire forms. This email will include the following link that has information about what you will need to bring to your onboarding appointment.

Will I need to sign a contract?
Human Resources will be entering your information into our Personnel system as soon as you complete the Confidential Information step. Once we have you entered, we will be sending you a final email that provides you information on how to access your Online New Hire forms.
These forms will require you to log in to the Skyward Employee system and complete the steps electronically. Your Employee Agreement will be attached to the New Hire Information section to these forms. Please review it carefully. We do not need you to physically sign your Employee Agreement. Completing your online forms and selecting the “I have completed this online form” checkbox is your electronic signature.

How do I schedule my Onboarding appointment?
After you have completed your online forms through Skyward Employee Access, you can move on to Step 3 of the onboarding process. To access Step 3, please refer back to your most recent email and click on the link provided. This will direct you to what you need to bring to your Onboarding appointment. At the bottom of that page, there will be a black button to click to schedule your Onboarding appointment with Human Resources.