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Competitive Licensed Salary Schedules

Traditional & Year-Round Schedule (185/177 day) 2018-2019
Elementary Schools    Middle Schools   High Schools/Tech   Special Schools
Year-Round Schools: Blackridge, Foothills, Fox Hollow, Jordan Ridge, South Jordan

Teachers, SLP's, School Psychologists, Nurses

Specialist Schedule (205 day) 2018-2019
Curriculum & Technology Specialists

Modified Traditional Schedule (185 day) 2018-2019
Bluffdale, Riverside  (13% increase)

OT/PT Salary Schedule (185 day) 2018-2019
Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists

Special Stipends Available (TSSP, National Board, Signing Bonuses, Loan Forgiveness)

13 Month Pay Option - New Employees have the option to receive their salary spread over 13 months (Aug-Aug) instead of the default 12 month (Sep-Aug) upon request for the first contractual year.

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