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Internships – Admin.

Administrative Internships - We welcome administrative interns from all of our partnership universities. Administrative internships differ from teaching opportunities in that they are not a full year and these students are not employed by the school district. Those selected for this opportunity will be able to complete their university requirements while working alongside excellent and experienced JSD administrators.

 Administrative Internship Procedures:

  1. Educators desiring an administrative internship must complete and return to the Human Resource Department, the Administrative Internship Request Form, which includes the signature of their University Administrative Intern Advisor.  This does not include LPP Interns.
  2. The Human Resource Administrator, in collaboration with the school principal will make all administrative internship placements.  Administrative Internship Placements are not to be made by the prospective intern.
  3. The Human Resource Department will notify the prospective intern via email, with an APPROVED Administrative Intern placement schedule. A copy of this schedule will be forwarded to the supervising principal along with an internship performance evaluation.

JSD Employee Requests:

  • Administrative internship hours must be completed “off contract time or outside regular school assignments”.
  • Administrative internships should broaden an intern’s administrative experience; therefore, placements at their current school location are highly unlikely.
  • Supervising principals will submit to the Human Resource Department performance evaluations for each intern they supervise once the intern has completed their internship hours at the school location.

Out of District Employee Requests:

    • Summer internship hours at year-round schools will only be available to current employees of Jordan School District.
    • Before being assigned an administrative internship in JSD, all out of district administrative interns must submit to a BCI background check, which will allow JSD to receive their BCI report.
      • Hours: Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
      • Cost: $37 - Cash or credit card only
      • Identification Required:  Driver’s License or Passport, and a copy of your current educator's license.