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Substitute Guidelines


Background Checks

  • The cost is $32.00.
  • No cost for retired JSD teachers. 

Friday's (early out/late start)

  • Substitutes are paid a full day if they stay the full day, principal discretion.

Full Day

  • Begins 15 minutes before students arrive to 15 minutes after dismissal.
  • Substitutes are paid a full day if they stay the full day.
  • Hourly pay is received if the substitute stays for less than a full day.

Special Schedules

  • Modified Traditional Schools (Bluffdale & Riverside Elementaries) will be paid an extra hour to accommodate for the longer school day.
  • Valley High school works 10 hour days (M-Th).

General Procedures

Part-time JSD Employees - may now substitute. Must apply to become a substitute through Skyward Employee Access and may work up to 25 hours per week combined total.

Preparation Periods

  • Substitutes are expected to work according to school needs during preparation periods (including covering other classes) and be flexible to fill in where needed, without additional compensation.

Frontline (formerly AESOP)

  • The standard call time is 5:30 A.M. each morning. (link to a pdf for customizing the settings)

Working Frequency

  • Teacher substitutes are expected to work work a minimum of four times per month between September and May. Extenuating circumstances should be reported to Juli Martin in advance.
  • Teacher substitutes who consistently fail to meet this expectation may be inactivated.  Inactivated substitutes must reapply to continue substituting.